CC8E C compiler

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You can order CC8E directly at B Knudsen Data.

If you have any questions (on availability, delivery, prices, payment, etc.), please send your request by e-mail.

Contact: (please write CC8E in the Subject field).

Please read through the following text to make sure that you understand the ordering steps involved and the conditions.

Delivery is by e-mail

The licensed software is delivered by e-mail (instructions and small attachment). The delivery e-mail can be resent on request. Other items needed, like the PDF manual, can be downloaded from the WEB.

The price charged is for the license, and does not include any physical media.

Delivery Delay

The software will normally be sent by e-mail as soon as the payment is confirmed. The delay when using VISA or Mastercard is typically between a couple of hours up to 24 hours. Weekends and holidays may cause extra delay.


The options are VISA, Mastercard or SWIFT (bank transfer).

Payment by card use secure online payment. After sending the order you get the link to the online WEB terminal. Then you type in the card details yourself and get an immediate response.

Payment by SWIFT (electronic bank-to-bank transfer): Your local bank know how to do this. The account and bank information will be returned when you select bank transfer payment.

Invoice / Receipt

A PDF invoice will be sent by e-mail when the payment transaction has been completed. The invoice should be received within 1-2 weeks. The invoice can be sent earlier on request.

E-mail Order

You order by clicking on e-mail link E-mail subject is CC8E Order. The e-mail should contain the following information:

1) Compiler edition: (STANDARD or EXTENDED)

2) Total amount of money (see Prices page). No taxes (VAT) will be added for customers outside Norway.

3) Payment method: VISA, Mastercard or SWIFT/bank transfer. Please not send any card number by e-mail. The payment instructions will be returned by e-mail.

4) Name / Company:

5) Country:

6) OPTIONAL: Tel number

7) OPTIONAL: Your order ID

8) OPTIONAL: Your VAT number (needed only if you want it to be stated on the invoice/receipt)

9) OPTIONAL: Message on delivery, extra/site/university license, earlier CC5X/CC8E license/serial no, separate delivery e-mail address.

Order Processing

All orders are processed manually.

You will get an e-mail containing payment instructions. This e-mail will contain an order number plus other information identifying your order.

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