CC5X C compiler for PICmicro


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- Math library
- installation
- Supported chips



Main Features

  • Supports all midrange PICmicro devices (12 and 14 bit core): PIC10, PIC12, PIC14, PIC16
  • Generates tight and optimized code
  • Local and global variables of 1, 8, 16, 24 and 32 bits
  • Floating and fixed point math up to 32 bits
  • Automatic update of the page and bank selection bits
  • Efficient reuse of local variable space
  • Extended call level by using GOTO instead of CALL
  • New chip definition files can be created
  • Enhanced and compact support of bit operations, including bit functions
  • Math libraries including functions like sin(), log(), exp(), sqrt(), etc.
  • Standard C constant data and strings in program memory (const)
  • Automatic storing of compressed 7 bit data on devices supporting program memory reading, i.e. PIC16F87X and similar
  • Pointer models of 8 and 16 bits, mixed sizes in same application allowed
  • RAM and/or ROM pointers
  • The size of single pointers can be automatically chosen by the compiler
  • Inline assembly
  • Generate single assembly instructions through corresponding C statements
  • Integrated interrupt support
  • Device configuration bits in source code (like oscillator type, code protection, etc.)

Generated files:

  • Hex file: for chip programming
  • Assembly file: for inspection, or input to assemblers
  • List file: for inspection
  • COD file: for debugging using old MPLAB
  • COF file: for debugging using MPLAB X
  • Error file: list warnings and errors
  • Function outline: for inspection of the call structure
  • Variable file: for inspection of variable addresses
  • Compiler output file: summary of code and RAM usage
  • Preprocessor output file : for inspection of source after preprocessing

More details:

  • A RAM allocation map is generated
  • Multiplication, division and modulo
  • Structures and unions, bitfields, typedef
  • Typecast
  • Arrays and pointers
  • Direct bit manipulation
  • Many parameters in function calls
  • COD file generated for debugger and MPLAB support
  • Preprocessor offering macro's, conditional compilation and include files
  • The generated assembly file includes symbolic names and the C source code. Many options allows the format to be adapted to suit different needs
  • Binary constants: 0b01011000
  • Support for ICD debugging
  • Complete header file list

More features are found in the PDF User's Manual available from the download page.

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