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MPLAB X Support

CC5X and CC8E can be used in the MPLAB X environment. Compilation, debugging and POINT-AND-CLICK on error messages is supported. Both single module and multi module projects is possible.

For debugging in single-module mode it is recommended to use CC5X version 3.5G or later and CC8E version 1.4F or later. For generating a HEX file (no debugging) it is possible to use older compiler versions.

The CC5X and CC8E compilers are supported through two alternative plugins. The dedicated plugin made by Patrick Hayes (MIT license) is most easy to use. The description is found on:

Alternatively the generic plugin written by Microchip can be used. Generic means that it is written for many tools. The setup is more complicated and the following description should be followed carefully:

Support for the old MPLAB IDE is found here.

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